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Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Best Laptop Service provider

Laptop Service Center at Kolkata Any Type of Laptop For DELL, Hp, Lenovo, Compaq, Acer, Samsung, Sony vaio, Toshiba Best Laptop Service Provider

Solution & Service Laptop Services is one of the most efficient Laptop service center in Kolkata. We are blooming in the cyber world to achieve the pinnacle in Laptop repair center and Laptop service center among and around Kolkata.

We are one of the best laptop service center at Kolkata. We specializes in Dell Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, HP Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Lenovo Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Acer Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Asus Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Samsung Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Sony Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Compaq Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, HCL Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, Toshiba Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, IBM Laptop Service Center at Kolkata, LG Laptop Service Center at Kolkata.

Increasing use of the laptops have increased the demand of  laptop repairing needs as well. In Kolkata, people find it difficult to reveal a dependable  laptop repair and service centre. If you are looking for the most dependable and popular laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata then contact us now. We are offering the most needed and the top class solutions for the laptops. You shouldn’t feel worried if your laptop has stopped functioning. You would always get the best support from our team of laptop repairing experts. Therefore, you will get the most desired solutions from our end and it will provide you the best satisfaction and meet your laptop repairing needs in time as well. If you are looking for the most secured place to repair your costly laptop then we shall surely be the most preferred destination to visit. In addition to that it is also important to note that we charge less than others. Therefore, in all the ways, attaining the best benefits will be possible for you, when you will visit our laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata to meet your laptop repairing needs.

The importance of a laptop is great nowadays. In addition to that, when a person becomes a regular user of a laptop, not only the chances of becoming faulty increases but also at the same time the dependency of the user also increases. Therefore, when you will be interested in meeting your interests in the finest way, surely, you will be capable of meeting your intentions in the finest way surely. There are many reasons behind searching for a dependable laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata. If you are also in the same direction to reveal the best destination to meet your laptop repairing needs by engaging the safest hands then choosing our leading  laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata will be the most significant choice. We are here to provide you the most suitable opportunities to meet your laptop repairing needs at cheaper rates and you will find the most dedicated professionals to obtain the needed solutions. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand that not only the state of your laptop but also the skill of the repairing experts also plays a crucial role in repairing a laptop. If you are searching for the safer hands to repair your laptop then you can contact our laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata.

It’s important to note that we shall make a full inspection of the condition of your laptop and then provide you the best solutions by using the advanced tools and technologies. For this reason; you will get not only better services by using the laptop for longer duration but also you will feel a great satisfaction with our services. Therefore, you are the best person to meet your expectation in the finest way and when you will do so, you will desire to meet our leading laptop repair and service centre in Kolkata time and again with your laptop repairing needs.

Before repairing any hardware device from any agency, Read this carefully

We live in the “Digital Age”. Much of all our work currently is done on these devices which include Desktop computers, Laptop Computers. Thus under the current scenario in case any of these devices malfunction, then our entire work may come to a standstill.

  • Company Professionalism – 

The computer service center you approach for your computer repair must be professional. You need to assess the quality of the services being offered. Try to analyze their behavior. Are they attending you attentively while you approach them or do they have an unprofessional attitude in their dealings? So look for professional service providers.

  • Delivery time –

Given the extreme competitive scenario at present you need repairing centers that would be able to repair your device quickly and effective so that re-repairing is not needed..

  • Hardware Repairing Pricing –

Apart from professional, pricing is another key factor which you should always consider while understanding whether the shop is charging you the rightful charges or charging more.

  • The banner syndrome –

You need to check out the banners while visiting the repairing center. Many of them may be putting up banners and claiming that they are the authorized centers for repairing major brands. This always may not be true. Thus you need to find out the actual status of affairs. You need only genuine authorized repairing centers.

  • The standard of the Servicing Centers

For the best repairing for your computers you need not only the best technicians but also the technical facilities and technology and repairing tools must be of the highest standards as well. Given the advanced computers which are in use today you need the best technical facilities to deal with them effectively.

  • Repairing Parts

You would know that most repairing needs of the computers require replacements of parts. In such cases you must ensure that the replacements are made with genuine parts. This will ensure long term durability of the repairing made.

  • Transparency in billing

You might have bitter experiences in the past where in you might have been told a particular cost involved while you gave the computer for device. However you may end up paying much more while collecting it. There is lack of transparency in billing for most centers. You must choose the ones which offer transparent billing for repairing.


At times there may be situations where in minor alterations here and there may resolve the problem. You may be able to do so yourself under guidance of the repairing centers. SO you must look out for servicing centers which offer this type of services at all times.


One great way to determine the service standards of any computer repairing  center is by finding out from the existing clients about their experience. You can thereafter decide on selecting the right computer servicing based on their feedback.

In conclusion we hope that following the above 9 points you should be effectively select the right ciomuter repairing center. Solution & Service is one of the most trusted and reliable computer repairing centers in Kolkata where we provide the best computer repairing services in Kolkata. So in case tyou need any computer and laptop repairing in All Over KOLKATA and NEAREST KOLKATA CIRCLE. get in touch with us!!

Welcome to Solution & Service

Solution & Service  is one of the finest Hardware Repairing centre in Kolkata to carry out Component Level Troubleshooting and repairing of Sophisticated IT Devices.

Solution & Service  believes in quality work, which we deliver in our repairing performance. With the expertise of repairing Laptops of any brands.

Pick Up Service within 3 Hours of Help Call and Quick delivery within 48 Hours.

Why Choose Solution & Service

In ever increasing IT world, use of Computer & Laptops has become more prominent and that is why at Solution & Service we are dedicated to provide our clients with unique, affordable and time bound transparent service.

With a continuous emphasis on quality and reliability, we are in process of achieving a notable status among the Best Laptop & Computer Repair Service Provider. Our area of specialization pertains to repairing of almost all brands and kinds of Laptops & Desktops. Our services are rendered to small & large business as well as home users across the state.

Extra Advantages from Solution & Service


Our Services

  • Motherboard Fault Repair
  • LCD Replacement
  • Over heating
  • Laptop Hinge Repair
  • Multi Level Chip Repair
  • Power on but no display
  • Improper Shutdown
  • Power on but no booting
  • Hard disk drive error
  • Optical disk drive Reapir
  • Body fixing
  • Keyboard or Touchpad problem
  • All Brand Laptop Repair

How We Work

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

View prices upfront and book repair online. Pay by UPI or choose Cash on Delivery

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Once you choose online payment option our executive will pickup & deliver at your place

We belive in quality. Get 10 point quality check report on your mail while your device is repaired

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

You can track your device online at any time with your Order ID without logging in from anywhere

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Receive your device at your place at ease and pay by cash or card, delivery charges may apply

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One Stop Solution

OS Installation

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Installation/Upgradation, OS Corruption, Dual OS (with Linux), Booting Issues (BSOD, NTLDR Missing.

Software Optimization

Antivirus Installation, System Tuning, Malware/Adware/Registry Error(s) Removal, HDD Defragmentation and Start-up/Shutdown Optimization

Driver Installation

Bluetooth, Internet Not Working (Wi-Fi/Ethernet Issue), No Sound (Audio Issue), Video Problem (Graphics Issue), Touchpad, Card/Fingerprint Reader

Hard Disk/RAM Upgrade

All RAM Types – DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L; Corrupted HDD, Partitioning, Data Backup, Disk Cloning and HDD Upgrade.

Overheating (Hardware Servicing)

Heat Sink Paste Change, CPU Fan Cleaning and Motherboard Alcohol Wash with Thermal Pad Change for Graphic Card (GPU).

Laptop Display

Cracked/Broken screen.Display is not coming.Pixelated or lines on the display

Body Damage Repair

Epoxy-Repair and/or Replacement for Laptop Body Parts such as Top, Bottom, Sides, Mid-Body, Palm-rest, Broken Hinges, Mounts and Power Button.

Motherboard Issue

Not Switching on, Charging Issue, Chipset/BIOS Flashing/CPU/Graphics Card (NVidia) Issue, Physical Damage/Water Damage

Desktop Repaire
Laptop Repaire
Web Development