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Service Center in Kolkata Any Type of Laptop – DELL, Hp, Lenovo, Compaq, Acer, Samsung, Sony vaio, Toshiba, IBM, LG Best Laptop Service Provider.

All our services would be catered on the same day and there would not be any deviation and delay in the process.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Multi-Brand Laptop Repair Service in Kolkata

Searching for a professional laptop repair service center in Kolkata and want it to be done at a reasonable rate? Solution & Service is a leading provider of IT solutions in the KOLKATA. We are committed to providing clients with the highest level of customer service, and also with value based solutions for their laptop needs. We are known throughout the INDIA for the reliability and excellence of our laptop repair services.
We offer quality repair for all major makes and models of laptops such as Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and other major brands. We diagnose, troubleshoot, and provide maintenance services for all makes of laptops.

On-side Service Specialist in Kolkata

Leading onsite laptop repair service in Kolkata. If you are frustrating with your pc and would like to get repair by Authorized onsite laptop Repair Company within your pocket budget then call us because our main motive to reduce our profit and provide satisfaction service to our clients. Why People Choose us? Because we work on the basis of No Fix – No Payments, it is means, if our technician not able to repair your pc then you don’t need to pay any amount and also provide same day computer repair service in Kolkata. Thus it is one stop computer solution company for all Laptop users. Call & get repair your device at your home or office in front of your eye sight at very reasonable prices. We repair all brands of laptop & deal with desktop also.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Computer Repair Service in Kolkata – 100% Guaranteed Service

Computer repair service in Kolkata by professional expert, get your computer error free instantly….
If your computer is not performing well and you are looking a computer repairing expert in Kolkata then Solution & Service is at the top level Computer Repair Company, which offers live computer repair service in Kolkara. We are the oldest and trusted computer repairing company primarily based in Kolkata. We are experts to tackle all kinds of computer related issues for your computer and ensure timely delivery of repairing services. According to our customers, we are the best because of the overall support we provide which ensures complete customer satisfaction.

With the booming digital marketing, computers have become a part of our daily lives, be it at office, at home or working from home. So if there is a problem with our computers our entire life could come to a stop.
However now you need not worry any further, we can help you to manage your whole life in regard to hardware repair through a single call. Matrix Infosys is a brand name for all kind of computer and Laptop repair in Kolkata. Thus it’s the one stop repairing solution for all your hardware devices. So just call and book our technician for your dead hardware and enjoy a free upto 180 days support.

Live Repairing Services

When it comes to any kind of repairing service we are sure you feel much more assured and get extra satisfaction if the repairing is done in front of your eyes. This is what we do at Solution & Service. Before proceeding with the repairing work on your computer our experts describe the exact issue for which the repair work is required. Thereafter an estimate of the total cost involved is provided.So all the repairing services provided by us including the billing is fully transparent. You can therefore trust us completely.
Along with the regular repairing service at our service centre we also offer door step repairing services for all. These include computer repair and Laptop repair in KOLKATA. So for any of your repairing related needs simply connect with us at Solution & Service by calling us or through a request a call and get all your repairing related issues resolved quickly at the most affordable prices.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Master for Following Computer Issue

  • Malware Related Issues
  • Software Related Issues
  • Windows Errors
  • Browser related issues
  • LCD/LED Display damages
  • Any Software issues
  • Quick Virus Removal
  • Computer Startup problems
  • Computer won’t boot
  • Computer crashes
  • Blank screen
  • Blue screen
  • Lines across the screen
  • Liquid spills
  • Internet connection Issue
  • Keyboard damages

How Do We Proceed?

  • Analysis of your computer issue.
  • Discuss the price for resoling your computer issue.
  • Start repairing work of your computer.
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Dedicated team of professional technicians:

  • We Provide Home Service.
  • We Provide Free Pickup and Delivery Service To All Over KOLKATA and NEAREST KOLKATA CIRCLE.
  • Free maintenance tips after doing proper assembling.
  • Dedicated and high quality services for any kind of damage and difficulty.
  • In-depth knowledge, with modern equipped in repairing.
  • We give 1 month to 3 months warranty for repairing job and for new compatible Product.
  • We give 6 months to 12 months warranty for Original Product.
  • Working within a very limited period and follow the deadline.
  • Lower cost in repairing any spare of any model.
  • Full customer support and satisfaction.

Dedicated Services In Following Cases:

  • Any type of Hardware, Software, OS and Antivirus fault.
  • Screen Replacement / Repair (LCD/LED/Paper LED).
  • USB and LAN Problems.
  • Faint Display, Colored Display, White Display, Lines On Display.
  • Display Flicker, Multiple Display, Patch on Screen.
  • Blue Screen Error.
  • No Display.
  • Driver Issue.
  • Hanging Problem.
  • Slow Problem.
  • Keyboard Not Working, Keyboard Button Plugs Out, Automatic Typing.
  • DVD/CD Not Working.
  • Touch pad Not Working.
  • Wi-Fi, Problem.
  • Bluetooth Problem.
  • Battery Not Charging, Plugged In Not Charging Fault.
  • Hard Disk Not Found, Hard Disk Dynamic Problem.
  • Thunder Lightning Damage, Damage During Crash.
  • Bootable Device Not Found.
  • Automatic Shut Down Or Power Off Problem.
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Laptop Repairing Service in Kolkata

By availing the Laptop repair services at Solution & Service you could get your Laptop error free in the best possible way. Solution & Service is a hardware repair service center in Kolkata. Since more than 8 years we are at #1 position for repairing laptop and compute in Kolkata and among them laptop is the main address of our business.
Solution & Service is totally trusted computer and laptop repairing center that bring your laptop back to normal point. Our same day high level service and low-cost solutions attract customer to our service center.
We have a fully qualified team of service engineers who can repair or service all kinds of Laptop problems in front of your eye sight. Be it from any brand like DELL, Hp, Lenovo, Compaq, Acer, Samsung, Sony vaio, Toshiba, IBM, LG. We deal in all the leading brands.
So if you have any hardware or software issues in your laptop and you are looking for Laptop Repair Service in Kolkata to get them fixed then there is no need to Google any more. All you need to do is just pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here to solve any repairing issues moving in your computer or laptop. We are the best for it and we believe in delivering quality work deliver to all our valued clients.

Low Cost Service Charge – Guaranteed!

There are mingle of computer and laptop repairing center are available at Kolkata market but no one can beat our service charge and quality service. We are long runner in this field and having experience on same track. So I can only say if you are looking quality service at low cost then you calls us without hesitation.
For any hardware (laptop and computer) related issue you also join our Facebook Page. It is a network where you can discuss about your issue and our dedicated team tries to answer all query of network user. Please don’t forget to like Facebook Page.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

CPU Repair

We do repair CPU as a whole, if you are a layman in computers and do not know much about the inside of computers than contact us and resolve your computer related issue. Our technician troubleshoot your computer and find out the exactly issue by which your CPU are not functionally work and give you proper solution by rectifying it in the best possible way. So, next time if your computer CPU fails, just give us a call.

  • Hanged / Stoned system.
  • No Display.
  • Sytem Reboot.
  • Very slow.
  • Network failure.
  • Blue Screen Error.
  • USB not working.

Master for resolving following Issue

  • Laptop doesn’t turn on.
  • Laptop Heating Issue.
  • Laptop Beeping Issue.
  • Damaged Laptop Screen Replacement.
  • Laptop Hard Disk Replacement.
  • Laptop Mother bord Repair and Replacement.
  • Laptop Screen is blank.
  • Laptop turns on and off issue.
  • Laptop shuts down issue.
  • Battery charging issue.
  • Display Issue.
  • Screen light fails.
  • Laptop keyboards stopped working.
  • Liquid spill.
  • Laptop Adapter Repair.
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Why Solution & Service for Laptop Repairing?

  • We supply genuine spare parts.
  • Quick and efficient service.
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • All Brands are supported.

Damaged Laptop Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen gets broken accidentally, or is shaking, or has developed lines and bars, or is giving shadow display you can get your LED/LCD laptop screen irrespective of size and brands, we have screen for all sizes ranging from 10.1, 11.1, 13.3, 14.1, 14.0, 15.4, 15.6, 16.0 inches

  • Laptop screen.
  • Screen Broken.
  • Screen shaky.
  • Screen line & Bars.
  • Screen white.
  • Screen fading.
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Damaged Laptop Body Service

Laptop fallen down and broken on its side, top or below the base, just get its body replaced or repaired instantly, we have the best technique to resolve this issue. Be assured.

  • Body broken.
  • Hinge coming out of body.
  • Laptop Lid not opening.

Hinge & Cable

If your laptop hinges have become very hard and you have problem with opening and closing the laptop, then it is definitely the time to go for hinge service or replacement.

  • Video cable punched.
  • Burnt display cable.
  • Broken hinge.
  • Tight hinge.
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Laptop Motherboard Repairing Services Kolkata

100% customers satisfied services.
We are most particular about our service standards and all our customers are a 100% satisfied with our services because We have rich experience which provides you an extra edge to resolve your issue. Apart from this we also supply genuine spare parts while repairing which ensure longer durability. Book a call to connect with our professional.

Laptop Screen Repairing in Kolkata

You may be requiring laptop screen repairing due to many reasons. These could because your laptop screen got smashed, cracked or you have lines across it. You may also be facing the problems of your laptop screen getting dim. If these are the problems you face you may assume that these laptop screen are not reparable. But that may not be the case. This is especially because no matter what the problem is in regard to your laptop screen we at Solution & Service can handle it.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Laptop screen repairing or replacement – How effective we are?

It may so happen that the screen of your laptop is totally smashed and beyond repair. But you need not worry these laptop screens can be replaced. However you need to ensure that the screen which is to be replaced must be compatible with the brand of the laptop. The main advantage of availing our laptop repairing service is that we deal with different brands of laptops. This is what enables us to effectively deal with any type of laptop screen which needs to be repaired or replaced. So no matter how critical the damage our service engineers are experienced enough to provide you with a prompt solution.
The price of the screen of course matters. This is not only in terms of the compatibility but also in terms of the genuineness of the screen or parts being replaced. Apart from this you may be charged exorbitant price for the spare parts. But with our laptop screen repairing service you can be sure that you would only be supplied with genuine parts. Besides we have a very transparent billing system. Thus you would only be charged most reasonably. It would be very affordable.
Thus with the laptop screen repairing services at Matrix Infosys, you can be sure that you have the very best in all aspects. To avail our services please Book a call!

Laptop Body Repairing in Kolkata

If you are looking for the best Laptop repair service center in Kolkata for repairing for laptop body that get damaged for various reasons then your searches are ended here. We at Solution & Service have been in the business of laptop repairing over a long period of time. The experience we have gained as a result gives us an extra edge in all aspects of complete laptop repair and maintenance including laptop body repair.
Suppose your laptop fallen down and due to that the sides, top or the portion below the base may damaged then our Laptop repair service you can get the body replaced or repaired instantly. Thus you can immediately function normally.

Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata
Solution & Service is Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Our Transparent Service Feature

  • We have the best service engineers in business who are adept enough to deal with any type of laptop repairing problem and provide prompt solutions.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Trusted and Oldest business for laptop repairing.
  • Six month free support.
  • Also Door to Door Service.


We receive customer’s sign on all laptop spare like (DVD, LCD, Battery, Adapter, Keyboard, Hard Disk, RAM etc.) and give a receipt copy to customer. After receiving

The laptop we provide the problem report within a short period with total estimate.