With the advancement of technology each and every day, it is hard to stop your children from accessing the computer and playing video games. Playing computer games doesn’t have to be a waste of time, the way most parents think it is. There are a number of educational games available which actually help your child develop cognitive and locomotive skills as well as learn about math and language in a fun way. Just make sure you tell them not to download anything without asking first so you can keep your laptop virus-free!

Here’s our pick of the top education computer games for your child to develop their skills and foster a positive learning environment.

  • Educational Games for Preschoolers: ItzaBitza

This is one of the best educational games for preschoolers which is designed to develop and enhance the creativity, reading and vocabulary skills of children. Children can draw any character, object or situation they like, which then becomes the setting of the game. These interactive drawings will bring your child’s imagination to life. ItzaBitza also helps develop a child’s early reading skills because it requires them to read a few words to win a star and gain more points.

  • Educational Games for 6 Year Olds+ :The Oregon trail

This is a highly addictive game which brings history to life for elementary school students. The Oregon Trail is a roleplay game where players are characters from the 1800s and are traveling along a dusty trail. The characters in the game are made to face problems such as starvation and drowning which were common during that period. This is one of the best educational games for 6 year olds and higher which not only improves their history and geography knowledge, but also helps them to enhance their problem-solving techniques.

  • Educational Games for 6 Year Olds+Math Missions

This fun-filled educational game is available for all age groups with varying difficulty levels. Math Missions is set up in a cartoon city which keeps the children engaged as it is not just limited to counting, but also building blocks, changing patterns and working with weights and measurements. This will help them develop their grasping power and learning skills. It will also help them develop an interest in maths at an early age which can make it easier for them to handle similar math problems at school.

  • Educational Games for 5 Year Olds+ : Crayon Physics

This is a deceptively simple looking game where the fundamentals of physics come in handy. In Crayon Physics, the main task for kids is to navigate a ball around a series of obstacles. The obstacles act according to the principles of physics, teaching kids about motion, energy, and gravity. While they are having fun playing this game, your children will also be learning valuable lessons that will come in useful when they are learning the same concepts in school.

  • Educational Games for 6 Year Olds+ : Lifeboat to Mars

This free online game creates a vast ecosystem with inbuilt games and missions to teach children about biology and the environment. This is one of the most educational games for 6 year olds and higher, but is still fun and engaging. There are two different stimulation options here which mimic the plant and the animal ecosystem. Lifeboat to Mars will help children get a better understanding of biology and grasp the concepts related to it very quickly.

The interactive playing environment offered by computer games is different from the classroom teaching many children are used to. Unlike the latter, computer games require children to fully understand certain concepts and apply them in a practical way.

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